Saturday, December 27, 2008

He can't really be 10 can he?

Our second oldest turned 10 today. I am still in denial and disbelief. It seems like just yesterday I was sitting on my couch, eating a cheese ball with triscuits and watching From The Earth to The Moon, with my darling husband. When I started to feel really "off" I chalked it up to the cheeseball because, well, according to my doctor, I wasn't due for another few weeks. I soon realized, I was in labor and it was speeding up by the minute. Since I had a history of a VERY short labor and delivery (4hrs and 36 minutes with my first born son) I knew I had to get to the hospital or risk having the baby on the way. We lived out in Sheridan at the time, and the drive to the hospital in Salem, was roughly an hour, maybe 45 minutes. Of course, my husband doesn't drive, so I was reliant on getting myself to the hospital. We packed up our, then 3 yr old and off we went. The drive there was quite a ride. My labor pains were getting closer together and a lot less FUN to deal with. I think the fact that I had the life of my child and husband in my hands, on the icy roads between Sheridan and Salem, helped me focus on the road, instead of the pain. A blessing in disguise. A few hours later, our precious baby boy was born. Ever since, he has been full of surprises. We have a nickname for him, "The Professor" because he, even at 10 yrs old, talks like a college professor. The things he comes up with some days astonish me, and anyone within ear shot. He loves to learn, he loves facts and data. Right now, as I type this, he is in here talking to his dad about the Pokemon's in his Poke dex and all their cool data. Ryan is a brilliant artist, and I'm not just saying that because he's MINE. His drawings are detailed to the tiniest detail. I can't believe he's 10 today, he is still, in my mind, the tiny bundle of cheeks and rolls from 10 yrs ago today. He is such a joy, and even at 10 yrs old, loves to sit on your lap and cuddle. Happy birthday Shoogie boogie! You make me so proud to be your mom and I love you more today, than I did 10 yrs ago, which is saying alot, because I didn't know I could love you anymore than I did that second they first laid you in my arms all slippery and gooey. I hope this year of being 10 goes exactly the way you want it to. I hope your rock band goes gold, after all, there is no better band known to man than The Flaming Hot Cheetos! I love you very much, and being your mom has been such a joy, such an honor. You are precious and loved and adored and admired. I hope you know that. Happy birthday Ryan Michael!

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