Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cut.. it....out!

It is a monumental day. Ok maybe for some it's not. For some this is something that isn't out of the norm, isn't something they would celebrate with photo's. However, for the Wilson's, it is. Today.. all three of my boys got haircuts.. ok yes, haircuts are normal. See, let me 'splain. Around here, I am normally the barber/beautician of sorts. I do an ok job, it's never HIGH quality, let me assure you, but even Au
stin was impressed with the last haircut I gave him. For HIM that's a gigantic compliment. Warren is always asking for haircuts, but I know with him, it's just that he wants to pinch a penny, so to speak. Josh, my 8 year old, NEVER wants his hair cut. I don't just mean never, I mean NEVER ever never...ever. Ryan is pretty good about getting his hair cut, although, he hasn't wanted one for a long time, so even for him, today was monumental. With Josh, Josh refused to get his hair cut, by me or anyone for over a year. His hair is very thick, and he does have beautiful curls that come out when it gets longer, and he loves it in his face etc. But it was a MESS.

See, Ryan and Josh are rock stars.. I know some of you don't know that, but yeah, they are. They are from the band '
The Flamin' Hot Cheetos', and in case you ALSO didn't know, rock stars HAVE TO have hair that flips and moves around when you shake your head or "head bang" if you will. So, a haircut was a no-no in their profession. However, as of late, I have convinced them that they could still have long(ish) hair and be head banging rock stars, but maybe tidy up their image a bit.

Grandma made appointments for the boys at a salon that Austin went to in December and got "the best haircut EVER." Ryan and Austin were stoked to go, but Josh was leary at times about it, because he liked his long hair. Soon after the appointment was made, Josh and I had a discussion about a haircut. I simply told him, either he can get one done by super rad Stephanie at the super-cool-does-the-best-haircuts-ever salon or I would do it and he'd look like a fuzzy caterpillar. I also told him he can have any haircut he chooses. Yes, I do let my kids get any hairstyle they want, as long as they are well kept and take care of their hair. So, after much deliberation, (about 30 seconds) he decided on liberty spikes. at first I was gasping, much like you are doing right now while reading that. Then, I decided it was ok, because it just fits Josh's style. He is the one kid I know, who could pull off liberty spikes. So I agreed, and he was happy!

Then yesterday.. he and I were discussing his haircut of choice and I explained to him, liberty spikes were work, and lots of hair product, and TIME consuming to "do." I then explained,that his head just won't be liberty spiked 24/7. No more brush and go after the shower in the morning before school. So, he decided he didn't want them anymore. He decided on a whole other haircut all together. He wanted Ryan Sheckler hair, much to my joy. If you don't know who Ryan Sheckler is, you either don't have a boy, or you don't know about skateboarding. Ryan Sheckler( I wonder how many more times I can write his name in this blog) is my favorite professional skater. That is, until Austin becomes a professional skater. Anyway! I digress. Josh decided on Ryan Sheckler(HA! got it in one more time) hair and Ryan, my Ryan, who was just going to get a trim, also decided, at the last minute, to go all Ryan Sheckler(Oh she did it again!) too.

So, thanks to grandma, my 3 boys are looking sharp and handsome and cute. They are all happy, even though Josh was acting like he WASN'T happy at first. I catch him checking out his new do in the mirror every once in awhile tonight. I am very happy with the outcome and I know you will be too. The most important thing is, they are happy!

So.. without further a-do (what does that mean anyway?) here are some before and afters.

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