Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm pretty sure I have the coolest kids in the world....

The teenager, a boy who knows he's way cool and has the greatest personality a mom could ask for. POLITE even.

There's the 9 yr old boy, who as a baby looked like Einstein with the white hair. He's our genius,we refer to him as 'the professor' and who sometimes looks at us like we are crazy aliens.

There is also the 8 yr old, 17 months younger than the professor, who has a heart of gold and would defend anyone he loves, against anyone named Goliath, he's our David.

Then, there is our 5 yr old, sweet dainty princess. She's not really as dainty as one might think, but she's being raised with 3 very rough and tumble boys, and she isn't afraid of mud or creepy crawlies.

That pretty much sums up the 4.

Also in this story are a husband and a wife who try their very best, doing the best they know how. Though they sometimes screw up, they always learn from it. Though they sometimes forget to p
ut themselves first, they always remember to put God first.

Oh and there's the dog... affectionately called "Doof" because, well, he is one.

I hope you enjoy this wild ride of ours. I can't promise to be a daily read, but I can promise to pull out all the stops and shine a l
ight into this here life of Wilson's. God bless and keep...

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